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Was discussing the circle and the water punishment gig - isn't it that you don't get executed unless you can't chug a lug the whole drink down by the end of the song? Not automatic execution just 'cause you're called into the circle? So, is this a LBHH uniqueness? Punish everyone who ends up in the circle? Then what's the incentive to try and drink fast if you're only going to get freezing water thrown over you anyway?

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Are there no takers in commenting on this Forum!? At least I started a Forum... missed the last run and many before... the last one I was so close to making it... but not close enough. Ah - I just thought of another topic for Forum... Does ANYONE/ANYBODY look and/or participate in this website? Apart from loading up the 'next run details' and the Scribe Reports - that's about it?! 

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